honesty matters

5th grade was a tough year for me. I spent a lot of time in the principal’s office for stuff like drawing an offensive picture of my teacher, kicking a kid’s butt (literally), and calling a playground supervisor the B-word. I lied about all of it, and I was caught in my lies each time. […]

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cause competition

The destruction and horrible living conditions caused by the recent hurricanes are a real tragedy. I applaud everyone doing what they can to help the victims of these natural disasters. Also, the destruction and horrible living conditions caused by the countless wildfires in Oregon are a real tragedy. I salute the brave firefighters battling the […]

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frustration-free packaging

You’ve probably noticed while shopping on Amazon that some products offer a “frustration-free packaging” option. I usually ignore this unless it happens to be cheaper because I’m frugal AF. But, my curiosity got the best of me recently, so I sent our intrepid investigative reporter, James Brains/me, to do some quick-and-dirty Google research on the […]

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easing anxiety

Anxiety is an increasingly common ailment among people of all ages and economic backgrounds – from the non-stop negative self-talk about every mistake, perceived or real, and the overwhelming sense of doom about nothing in particular to the gnawing at the pit of your stomach that may or may not be accompanied by the need […]

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6 Reasons Why Extended Warranties Are a Waste Your mind is racing. You’re about to press the “Purchase” button when you see that there is an extended warranty or accident protection offered. The price seems reasonable compared to how much it would cost to replace the product. The sweat starts to pour down your brow […]

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