Who We Are

Brains Report is the “brainchild” of Erin and James Brains. Yes, that is our legal name that we chose when we got married.

You see, we believe in choice. We believe in using our heads to make the right decision. And, we bring that mentality to our work to help you make smart decisions as you shop around for the best widgets.

Our commitment to you does not stop with our reviews. We have an active blog that covers everything from self-improvement to personal finance. Additionally, we offer a unique service called Your Personal Product Concierge. You basically fill out a form telling us what you are looking for, and we will help you while maintaining the comfortable distance of the Internet. We are here to help you.

Mission Statement

Brains Report exists to provide consumers with the tools they need to make the best decisions on products that will improve their quality of life. We do this by providing informative, entertaining, and concise reviews of the best items currently available.


My life coach (my wife) said it’s important to have some core values to guide our endeavors. Here’s what we value:

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Helpfulness
  • Humor

Who Pays for It All?

We buy some products with our own cash, some products are sent to us to review, and we have guest subject matter experts review yet other products.

When products are sent to us, we maintain the integrity of our reviews. Everything we write is our honest opinion. We don’t give special consideration to brands that give us free products because that would compromise the integrity of the site, and it doesn’t help you at all.

We are part of the Amazon Affiliates program. This does not cloud our judgment, though. We still only review the best because we only want you to buy the best. If you’re happy, then you’re more likely to refer us to your friends. If we steer you wrong, we know that you’ll never come back and curse our name until the day you die (far, far into the future.) No one wants that. So, we take the easy route and maintain our integrity.

That said, if you have a product you want us to review, please email james@brainsreport.com for a mailing address. Keep in mind that sending a product does not guarantee it will be included in a top ten list, and we cannot return products: partly because we are terrible at shipping stuff and partly because we like free things.

How Are Reviews Updated?

New products are coming out all the time, and sometimes, they are really high-quality products that deserve a spot in our top ten lists. Each year, usually right before the holiday shopping season, we go through all of our lists and update them (if needed.) There are some categories that are fairly stagnant, like VCRs. We choose to update right before the holidays because that’s when a lot of new products come out, and that’s when you will be doing most of your shopping. See, we have your best interests in mind.