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Top 10 Electric Pressure Cookers (Instant Pots)

Instant Pot is by far the best-selling electric pressure cooker brand on the market. But, what other options are out there? Brains Report reviews them all.

Top 10 Air Fryers

Brains Report goes over why you might want to buy an air fryer, how to shop for one, and which air fryers are the best. You might even grow as a person.

Top 10 Ring Lights

The Brains Report has put together your one-stop buying guide for ring lights as well as reviews of the best options for phones. See how Neewer stacks up.

Top 7 Automatic Drip Coffee Machines under $200

Brains Report has put together the best automatic drip coffee machine reviews and buying guide. Find out how Bunn coffee makers stack up against the competition.

Top 10 Memory Foam Pillows for Your Bed

Developed by NASA, memory foam pillows are the best invention for guiding you to a productive and efficient slumber. Brains Report shows you how to shop for bed pillows and which are the best.

Top 9 Light Therapy Lamps

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real DSM-IV-TR, diagnosed-by-a-doctor condition that can seriously disrupt one’s life. If winter consists of nonstop physical exhaustion that is tearing you apart, then, and only then, you should consider one of these Brains Report-recommended light therapy lamps.

Top 10 Home Theater Video Projectors

Brains Report looks at the best home theater video projectors for replacing your overpriced flatscreen TV and making your place the primo hangout spot.

Top 10 Robotic Vacuums

Which robotic vacuums are best for your home? Which models will enslave the human race? Brains Report answers these questions and more.

Top 10 Cat Activity Trees

Brains Report takes a deep look at the top cat activity trees and cat towers for keeping your kitty meow meow from scratching up your legs.

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