I might be the only dumb dumb who didn’t know that Amazon has coupons. Someone brought it up to me the other day, and I thought they were crazy. I feel kind of bad because I said something along the lines of “sure, I’ll just go ahead and cut the coupons out of my computer screen and send them in.” I then unleashed a string of expletives lasting about 49 seconds. They seemed hurt.

Well, it turns out Amazon does have coupons. And, they work much like traditional coupons and are for similar products. The major difference is that you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers off with your safety scissors as you clip the coupons. You can access the savings with the click of a mouse.

How It Works

Look at the red boxes above to discover where you can access Amazon coupons.

All you gotta do is go to Amazon’s home page, click on “Today’s Deals” in the top menu bar, and select “Coupons” in the menu bar that appears below that. Or, you can do it the easy way and just click this link. You will be whisked away instantly to Savings City.

The coupons are mainly for beauty, grocery, and personal care items, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you might find deals on electronics, automotive, kitchen, gardening, office, and pet supplies. I started counting how many coupons were currently available and gave up at 254.

To use a coupon, you just click the “Clip Coupon” button. A window should then appear with items the coupon applies to. You can add one of the items to your Cart. And, when you check out, the coupon will be applied automatically.

You see how the coupon was automatically applied?

Are the Coupons Worth It?

In the real world, coupons are rarely that useful. They’re usually only available for products that are already overpriced. The problem is that this isn’t always the case. If there is a beauty, grocery, or personal care item you want to buy, I recommend searching Amazon’s coupons to see if you can get good online savings from them. You can also find out if there is a coupon available for an item by visiting the product page. It should be listed directly below the price for the item.

I was not able to find any expiration dates for the coupons so your best strategy is to only look for coupons immediately before you are ready to buy. That way, it is unlikely the coupon will expire in the few seconds it takes you to check out.

Also, be aware that some of the coupons only apply to the first delivery when you sign up for a Subscribe & Save subscription for the item. If you only want to buy it once, I recommend setting the item to renew every six months (this gives you the longest time to remember to cancel.) And, when the item arrives, cancel your subscription.

If you want to start clipping Amazon coupons, click here. For those of you who want to share this, click on one of the social media icons below. And, if you want to call me a “dumb dumb,” please do so in the comments below.