When I moved to Oregon, I didn’t know anyone. I rented a room from a family, and they invited me to join them for Thanksgiving. I felt uncomfortable about it until the matriarch put me in charge of the mashed potatoes. Through this small role, by being helpful, I suddenly felt a sense of belonging. […]

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write reviews

For the longest time, it boggled my mind that people would spend significant chunks of their time writing reviews of products and businesses. Are these unemployed losers who just want the world to know about their opinions? Or, are they wealthy heirs with nothing better to do with their time? But, as I used these […]

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Brains Research

I, James Brains, have a birthday this Thursday, September 21st. I’m not proud of it, and I’m not looking for “Happy Birthday” messages. I only bring it up because Facebook prodded me to solicit donations from my friends. I figured, what could it hurt? So, I set up a donation event with all proceeds going […]

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lane county concussion

I play roller derby. More like, I’m addicted to the sport. I’ve tried to retire, but it didn’t work. Consequently, I continue to play for the Lane County Concussion (LCC). Aside from having me in common, the websites for LCC and Brains Report share the same webmaster, Thom “Grime + Punishment” Grimes. Grimes recently added […]

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I recently spent the morning cleaning up along the Willamette River. It was pretty boring work. Yet, nothing can compare to what I felt having helped beautify our city a little bit. I am a strong believer in helping others if only for the selfish reason that it makes me feel good. Therefore, I plan […]

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