I play roller derby. More like, I’m addicted to the sport. I’ve tried to retire, but it didn’t work. Consequently, I continue to play for the Lane County Concussion (LCC). Aside from having me in common, the websites for LCC and Brains Report share the same webmaster, Thom “Grime + Punishment” Grimes. Grimes recently added the Brains Report logo to the LCC website because the team is woefully lacking in sponsors. Since we’re now listed as a sponsor, we figured it would be a good idea to give them some value for the honor.

The Lane County Concussion Are #36 in the World

The Lane County Concussion are members of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA), the worldwide governing body of men’s roller derby. There are currently more than 80 member leagues on four continents. The Concussion are currently ranked number 36. We generally compete against teams up and down the West Coast.

We’re a small team made up of a ragtag bunch of men and women. We have a 77-year-old tree of a man, who goes by Merby Dick. We have a cop, who goes by Hot Fuzz. There’s a 61-year-old minister named YB Normal. And, we also have an 18-year-old whippersnapper who just joined us from the junior program, Heron. Basically, we’re in it to have fun, make friends, get some exercise, and maybe win a bout or two.

Support Roller Derby

Roller derby is really a hobby these days. It’s basically ordinary people strapping on skates and getting out a little aggression. I like LCC because we get out in the community and help out, whether it’s cleaning up along the river or teaching kids a hobby that keeps them away from drugs, screens, or other harmful stuff. Also, we are willing to stand up for what is right.

If you would like to support LCC, visit their website. Otherwise, I hope you will support your local roller derby wherever you may live. Just be careful: you might get addicted.