The reasons for why Amazon is worthy of your cash that I present below are fairly obvious, but I will go into some details that may not be. Also, I must point out that the main way that Brains Report is monetized is through the Amazon Associates program. Basically, if you follow a link from […]

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One Mississippi

I am hoping the majority of people who saw this article title took it for the “clickbait” it is. Although One Mississippi is one of the best, most honest shows on the streaming services today, it isn’t for everyone. For instance, if you’re a bigot, you might not like it. But, I still recommend you […]

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Amazon Prime

As with anything, whether Amazon Prime is worth your $99 per year depends on your situation. Brains Report generally recommends running cost/benefit analyses to determine if any purchase is worth your money. The cost is pretty simple to calculate: $99 (maybe cheaper if you find a deal). But, let’s look at the benefits and their […]

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Amazon Whole Foods

Amazon, the greatest organization on Earth (and the main source of Brains Report’s income (please support us)), recently bought Whole Foods Market. They are probably best known for chopping up organic food, putting it in a plastic bag, and selling it to you for way too much. On Thursday (August 24, 2017), in a joint […]

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