My hair tends to be kind of wild, almost curly, mostly frizzy, and bleached to heck and back. At worst, if left alone, it will resemble that of an ‘80s hair band back-up dancer. At best, when I’ve spent the time needed to do a Pinterest inspired blowout, it’s almost passable as somewhat healthy and […]

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For my birthday this year, James got me a domain. I guess I’m just the luckiest girl? Honestly, it has been a little bit of an intimidating thing hanging over my head for the past 7 months. I have had questions like: How can I live up to the Brains dynasty that James has created […]

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easing anxiety

Anxiety is an increasingly common ailment among people of all ages and economic backgrounds – from the non-stop negative self-talk about every mistake, perceived or real, and the overwhelming sense of doom about nothing in particular to the gnawing at the pit of your stomach that may or may not be accompanied by the need […]

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