I can get really worked up about current events. No matter your political persuasion, there are media outlets that know how to rile you up with clickbait headlines. As we idly scroll through our news feeds, when we should probably be paying more attention to our loved ones, we see one article after another that […]

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Celebrate Your Successes I am a driven person. I am always looking for ways to be a better person and to serve others better. I know I’m not alone. Yet, as I set goals and achieve them, I rarely take time to stop and give thanks and celebrate successes. Part of living a happy life […]

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The Five-Minute Journal

One Simple Trick to Make Your Day Ten Times Better The first thing I do each morning is make my wife a cup of espresso because she needs it to live but can’t make it herself. Next, I meditate. And, the third thing I do is journal. I guess that makes journaling the third most […]

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