bulk buying

The conventional wisdom is that bulk buying – purchasing goods packaged in larger quantities – is a great way to save money. However, this is not always the case. After all, unless you live in some Groundhog Day-like scenario that takes place on Thanksgiving, are you really going to use that five-pound package of sage […]

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credit card rewards

I try to be understanding of most phenomena and not take a strong black-and-white stance for or against anything. But, when it comes to credit cards, it’s clear that there are no redeeming qualities. Not even the rewards are worth the risks. Why Are There Rewards? When doing research for this post, I noticed it […]

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easing anxiety

Anxiety is an increasingly common ailment among people of all ages and economic backgrounds – from the non-stop negative self-talk about every mistake, perceived or real, and the overwhelming sense of doom about nothing in particular to the gnawing at the pit of your stomach that may or may not be accompanied by the need […]

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I recently spent the morning cleaning up along the Willamette River. It was pretty boring work. Yet, nothing can compare to what I felt having helped beautify our city a little bit. I am a strong believer in helping others if only for the selfish reason that it makes me feel good. Therefore, I plan […]

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Amazon Prime

As with anything, whether Amazon Prime is worth your $99 per year depends on your situation. Brains Report generally recommends running cost/benefit analyses to determine if any purchase is worth your money. The cost is pretty simple to calculate: $99 (maybe cheaper if you find a deal). But, let’s look at the benefits and their […]

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boycotting football

I grew up with football. Every fall weekend going back as far as I can remember, we watched Michigan State Spartans and Detroit Lions football. I played from the age of 8 years old until I was 17. Football was always a big part of my late summer/early fall life. But, beginning this year, I […]

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Amazon Whole Foods

Amazon, the greatest organization on Earth (and the main source of Brains Report’s income (please support us)), recently bought Whole Foods Market. They are probably best known for chopping up organic food, putting it in a plastic bag, and selling it to you for way too much. On Thursday (August 24, 2017), in a joint […]

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cheap meat

I have tremendous respect for vegetarians and vegans. Their diet is much more sustainable and environmentally-conscious than my slovenly ways. I just can’t live without my meats. Chicken, pork, beef, fish, squirrel. You name it. I’ll slather it in garlic, grill it up, and eat it. As a frugal person by nature (I’m Jewish and […]

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emergency savings

Somewhere around half of Americans would not be able to scrape together $1,000 in an emergency. We’re not talking about accessing payday loans or credit cards. Anyone can get money through these routes and pay two, three, or four times as much for the $1,000 emergency in the long run. I’m talking about having the […]

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As I write this (August 23rd), the price of a single Bitcoin is $4,273. This is about $1,500 more than it was just one month ago. MSN recently reported that in ten years, it will hit $100,000. Even Bill Gates is getting on board. If you have $100 to throw around, I strongly recommend that […]

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