Just about every brand these days is putting out an air fryer, and there’s no sign of this craze going away. I’ve thoroughly tested seven of these brands. And, we use air fryers in our kitchen on a daily basis. Recently, we received the Cosori Air Fryer to test, and it’s one of the best we’ve used so far.

What Makes the Cosori Air Fryer Special?

At 13” tall, 11” deep and wide, and with a handle that juts out another 2”, the Cosori Air Fryer isn’t small, but its cubic design uses space efficiently, and it will easily fit on your counter under your cabinets. The air fryer has a fairly standard temperature range of 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and I like that the timer goes up to 60 minutes. Many units these days only run for 30 minutes at most.

If setting the time and temperature seems incredibly baffling (it shouldn’t), then there are 11 presets to choose from, including frozen foods, bacon, desserts, and seafood. There are also preheat and keep warm buttons. A little light even pops on when you’re supposed to shake your food.

I also like that Cosori stands behind the quality of this air fryer. Not only do they provide a two-year warranty, which is longer than most brands, but they also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.


Here’s our video review of the Cosori Air Fryer:

And, if you’re in a video watching mood, here’s what the air fryer looks like out of the box:

What We Liked about the Air Fryer

There are five main PROS we found with the Cosori Air Fryer:

  1. Cooks food relatively quickly
  2. Holds a lot of food
  3. Stays cool when operating
  4. Comes with 100-recipe cookbook
  5. Easy to clean

There are three foods I prepare to test how well an air fryer works. The first is toast. The Cosori Air Fryer makes perfectly toasted bread in about four minutes (flipping it once), which is faster than most. Blackened Cajun chicken breasts from scratch are my second test. The Cosori got the two pounds of chicken to an internal temp of 165 degrees Fahrenheit in about 25 minutes. And the results were moist and delicious. Lastly, I transform two pounds of yellow potatoes into French fries. This magic trick took 30 minutes, which is the fastest I’ve seen.

At 5.8 quarts, this is the second largest air fryer I’ve tested. The one that was larger was also incredibly inefficient and took forever to cook food. This is not the case with the Cosori. It fits more food than most air fryers and cooks it quickly.

One of the reasons why the Cosori cooks so well is that it isn’t emitting a lot of exterior heat. It uses its heat for its intended purpose: to cook your food. The cool exterior and the flat top make it so you can store stuff on top of your air fryer. However, we’re not allowed to tell you that. We don’t want your lawyers contacting us if you have an accident.

The 100-Recipe Cookbook Gets You Started

The cookbook that comes with the Cosori Air Fryer is the best I’ve ever received with one of these appliances. There are 100 recipes complete with photographs showing you what your meal might look like if you do everything perfectly. Additionally, the recipe times are accurate. I’m used to doubling the times in most cookbooks, but Cosori got it right.

There are really only two parts to clean: the basket and the main drawer. Both are dishwasher safe, but I never washed them in the dishwasher because they take up a lot of room and are easy enough to clean by hand thanks to the nonstick surface. Also, the nonstick surface will last longer if you wash by hand.

Cosori showing you how convection cooking works.

What We Didn’t Like about the Air Fryer

There were two main CONS we could find with the Cosori Air Fryer:

  1. The basket comes out of the pan easily when you shake it.
  2. There’s one button for the temperature and the time.

Just about every air fryer suggests that you pull the drawer out and shake your foodstuffs about halfway through the cooking process. And, the Cosori Air Fryer is no different. The problem is the drawer detaches from the basket when you shake it. In addition to making a loud clang, the sudden change of weight in your hand causes you to jerk up and send some of the basket’s contents flying. Though there is no need to shake the basket, if the drawer were to fall off the basket when making bacon, you would send hot grease all over. No bueno.

My second complaint is much less serious. There is one button that you use to shift between adjusting the temperature and the time. This was apparently done so that you can use the same + and – buttons for both. However, I found it annoying and inefficient.

Should You Buy the Cosori Air Fryer?

Overall, I really appreciated the Cosori Air Fryer. I like how much food it can hold, and the square basket is spacious enough for my Totino’s Party Pizzas. I also like how quickly and efficiently it cooks food. It’s annoying that I can’t really shake my food in the basket, but the pros make up for this con. I typically give air fryers away after I’m done testing them because I always have more coming, but I’m going to try to hold onto this one. It’s that good. If you are in the market for an air fryer, I strongly recommend choosing the Cosori Air Fryer.

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