I am on my knees as I write this review. No, I’m not begging anyone please. And, I’m also not doing anything erotic. I’m just using a cutting-edge desk that takes some of the pressure off my butt and puts me in a more ergonomic, posture-friendly position. Research shows sitting all day can kill you. So, when The Edge Desk System sent me their Ergonomic Adjustable Kneeling Desk and Combination Chair Mobile Work Surface to test, I was game. Below are my thoughts on this device.

What Makes The Edge Desk System Special?

The main selling points of The Edge Desk System are that it’s the first kneeling desk, it can help boost productivity, and it’s easy to transport and store. The Edge Desk got its start in 2016 thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. There have been kneeling chairs that you can use at a desk but never a kneeling seat and desk in one unit. This design is supposed to help sufferers of back pain take weight off of their back. And, when you’re not in pain, you tend to be more productive.

The Edge Desk is also easy to fold up and store. Or, you can take it with you to the park. You just flip a thing here, turn a switch there, bend the bar back, rotate the desk, and The Edge is ready to go. Tired of being stuck inside doing work? Grab your Edge Desk and head outside. What fun it is to work in the snow!


Here’s our video review of The Edge Desk System:

And, if you still have some screen time left for the day, check out what it looks like as it emerges from the box:

What We Liked about the Desk

There are three main PROS we found with The Edge Desk System:

  1. There are several ways to customize the desk
  2. The Edge is portable
  3. It was easy to assemble

You can adjust the height and angle of the desktop. Also, it can be rotated to be in a hamburger (portrait) or hot dog (landscape) orientation. You can even change the angle at which your knees bend on the rests. Or, easily adjust the desk height to be at your ideal ergonomic height, which is generally your elbows resting at the desktop level. The various cranks, levers, and switches that adjust the desk take a little getting used to. But, I eventually got the hang of them.

The Edge Desk is portable. Kind of. At 28 pounds, you don’t really want to carry it for long distances unless your goal is to get some exercise. But, you can fold it up to approximately 40” by 20” by 6” and throw it in your trunk. You might have trouble biking with it or bringing it along with you while riding one of those electric scooters. But, it might be helpful if you have trouble getting a table at a hot new restaurant. Just bring it along, and Voila! You have a table for one! Also, its small footprint when folded up makes for easy storage.

The Edge Desk comes fully assembled and folded up. All you have to do is follow the steps in the giant single-sheet graphic, and you’ll be kneeling in no time. Well, some time. It took me about five minutes to get The Edge just right the first time.

The Edge Desk System

What We Didn’t Like about the Desk

There are three main CONS we found with The Edge Desk System:

  1. The warranty is pretty short
  2. The desk doesn’t “remember” your settings
  3. There are relatively low height and weight limits

Since alternative desks can be so expensive, you want to have a good warranty backing the quality of the work. While The Edge Desk isn’t as expensive as other options out there, it seems like the 12-month warranty is pretty short, especially since it’s a fairly simple unit.

I also didn’t like that if any of the angles or positions of your desk are adjusted when used by other people, you have to eyeball it to get it back to how you like it. The different positions of the desk angle and height aren’t numbered so you can’t go by that.

As a 6-foot-tall, 250-pound guy, I felt the height and weight limits were body shaming. The Edge Desk System states that it can only hold people up to 250 pounds and 6’2” tall. I know I don’t conform to traditional ideals of beauty, but 250 pounds isn’t that fat! Aside from that, the seat feels incredibly stable when I sit on it. But, the desktop wobbles a little bit, and I couldn’t pinpoint what was causing it. The desktop has a weight limit of 15 pounds, which seems low. And, the surface of the desktop is only about 30” by 20” so you wouldn’t want to put a massive computer monitor on it.

Lastly and least importantly, there aren’t any cord management options with The Edge Desk System. Most of the time, though, this won’t be a concern since you’ll likely use cord-free devices on it.

Should You Buy the Edge Desk?

If you are looking for a good, portable desk that allows you to set up shop just about anywhere, I would strongly recommend buying The Edge. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for an alternative desk that you can work at for hours on end and portability isn’t important, I would instead go with a height-adjustable standing desk. I prefer my ApexDesk. Still, it’s nice to use The Edge to occasionally get away from the distractions of my main desk. And, I like that I can slide The Edge under the ApexDesk when I feel like sitting weird.

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