You may not be able to tell by how seemingly effortlessly I type this, but I’m currently riding a bike at approximately 16 miles per hour. How is that even possible? Am I going to run into someone and kill them? Or, sprain my pinky? No! I’m burning off extra calories by using the Flexispot Bike Desk. Recently, Flexispot sent me this awesome desk to test, and here are my experiences with it.

What Makes the Flexispot Bike Desk Special?

The Flexispot Bike Desk comes in black and white and with or without a desktop. I tested the white one with a desktop, though I probably would have been fine with the under-desk option since that is mainly how I use it. Most of the time, I slide the bike desk under my height-adjustable desk at its highest level and cycle away.

It only took me about five minutes to put the bike desk together, and assembly was incredibly intuitive.

The seat height and desk height are both adjustable using levers. The seat height range is about 30” to 37”. I’m 6’0” tall and use the highest setting, which works well for me. The desk height range is 34.5” to 46.5”. Plus, you can adjust the desk horizontally to be closer or further from you. The bike is essentially adjustable to be at the optimal ergonomic height, which is your elbows sitting at desk level.

The unit has a 300-pound weight limit, but it’s unclear whether this is the load limit for the seat, the desk, or both combined. Based on my experience, I’d assume both. I’m 250 pounds and never felt like I was in danger of destroying the bike, which is more than I can say for most of the chairs in our house.

The Flexispot Bike Desk is backed by a 3-year warranty for the frame and one year for electronic components. Compared to other alternative desks, this is a short warranty. But, it is certified by TUV SUD, a German organization that has provided product certification and inspection services since the Industrial Revolution.


Here’s our video review of the Flexispot Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike:

What We Liked about the Desk

Overall, there are four main PROS we found with the Flexispot V9 Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike:

  1. The desk is more affordable than other alternative desks
  2. It runs quietly
  3. It feels stable
  4. The bike helps me use my time more efficiently

The desk I use for my most intense work, the ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk, costs nearly $600. My wife’s standing desk costs even more. So, at less than $400, the Flexispot desk is quite affordable.

How would you like it if you were trying to complete an expense report while sitting in the middle of a fitness center? You probably wouldn’t like it. Fortunately, the Flexispot desk runs quite a bit quieter than a fitness center. According to my sound meter, you can expect the pedals to produce noise levels at about 55 decibels from a foot away. This is comparable to what you’d expect in a quiet office. So, if you share an office with others, you are not going to cause a disruption with this desk.

The Desk Bike Provides Stability

Typically, if you sit on a bike with your feet on the pedals and don’t start pedaling, you’ll fall over. This is not the case with the Flexispot V9 Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike. The four feet provide a stable base. There are wheels on the feet, but these lock in place when you’re sitting on the bike.

Also, It takes a bit of effort for me to make the bike desk wobble. However, I would not recommend doing work that requires precise hand movements, such as drawing or brain surgery. There is a little bit of movement as you pedal furiously.

I’m used to having to block off an hour or two to exercise each day. But, when I get my workout done on the desk bike, I don’t have to schedule any exercise time. I’m improving my fitness while I work. It’s what being a manual laborer must be like. I’m living the dream! Additionally, I’ve found I actually work faster when I’m pedaling vigorously. I think it’s because I can stay focused, and I want my work to keep pace with my legs.


What We Didn’t Like about the Desk

There are three main CONS we found with the Flexispot Bike Desk:

  1. The desk isn’t really practical for PCs
  2. You need to manually adjust the heights of the seat and desk
  3. There aren’t any cord management options

If you want to be super-productive, you need to use a high-powered personal computer. Unfortunately, my massive HP Envy 34” Curved All-in-One doesn’t really fit on the Flexispot Bike Desk. The desk space measures about 23.5” wide by 20.5” deep. This makes it more appropriate for laptop use when you want to get away from your main desk.

I can program my standing desk to go to whatever height works best for me with just the push of a button. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the desk bike. Instead, I have to manually adjust the levers. This worked fine for me because I kept both the seat and the desk at the highest positions. But, when my 5’9” wife stole the desk, she had to recalibrate everything to fit her needs. It serves her right.

Most desks have a bunch of corded devices on top of them, including computers, lamps, printers, and panini makers. What do you do about all of the cords hanging every which way? It’s nice to have something available to manage all of these cords and keep them safely out of the way. The Flexispot Bike Desk does not have this. Fortunately, the bike doesn’t need any cords to run – it uses two AA batteries. And, you will likely only be using cord-free devices on the bike.

Should You Buy the Flexispot Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike?

I use the Flexispot V9 Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike every afternoon when I start to get lethargic, and it does wonders for my productivity and health. Am I a better person for using it? I think so. If a thief were to steal my bike desk, I would probably replace it, but I would likely get the version without the desktop since I rarely use that feature. Yet, if you do not have a standing desk, the desktop will come in handy. Overall, I strongly recommend this unit if you take your fitness seriously.

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