What if instead of taking a shower, we rubbed our body with one piece of dry paper towel at a time until it appeared we were clean? That would be a pretty stupid way to “wash” yourself, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what we do when we wipe our butts with toilet paper. Worse yet, we’re dealing with a substance that has the potential to make us incredibly sick: poopy. This is why I’ve upped my hygiene game and use water from a bidet to clean my nether regions. Recently, Brains Report received the Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat to test. Here’s what we thought of it.

What Makes the Bio Bidet Slim One Special?

The Bio Bidet Slim One is designed to balance high-end options with affordable pricing. One of the high-end features the Slim One has is water flow customizability. Also, there are three seat heating options: low, medium, and high. Or, you can save energy by turning the seat heat off.

Speaking of saving energy, there are two energy-saver modes. Eco 1 is kind of like an oil company pretending to be “green.” It keeps the seat and water at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, even when it’s not in use. This doesn’t seem terribly energy efficient to me. Fortunately, Eco 2 is much more environmentally-friendly. It turns off the seat and water heating when the bidet is not in use.

What the Slim One looks like in the dark (Photo Credit: Bio Bidet)

Another nice feature of this seat is that there needs to be pressure on the seat before it will shoot out water. This makes it so your toddler can’t mess around and blast his face with toilet water.

The bidet seat comes with a laminated diagram showing you how to use the controls, and the suction cup affixed to it allows you to post the directions in your bathroom so that knuckle-draggers who haven’t discovered the wonders of bidet life will know what to do.

Bio Bidet backs this product with a one-year warranty.


Here’s our video review of the Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat:

And, if you don’t like to limit your screen time, check out our unboxing of the bidet:

What We Liked about the Bidet

There are three main PROS we found with the Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat:

  1. The pressure is nice and strong
  2. The water gets plenty warm
  3. The bidet is inexpensive

There are five pressure settings ranging from a nice mist to bark off of trees. I like intense pressure that leaves no question of whether it removed all of the debris. If you are concerned about your child damaging their rectum with this device, good news! There’s a child safety feature that lowers the pressure.

In my tests, the water ranged from a jolting 59 degrees with the heat off to 96 degrees on the highest heat setting. I noticed that if you have the seat set to Eco 2 energy saver mode, it takes a while for the water to heat up.

We have four bidets in our house. Two of them retail for more than $600. At under $200, the Slim One has several comparable features to these fancier models. For a third of the price, you are essentially giving up a remote control and a fan that dries your bum.

What We Didn’t Like about the Bidet

There are three main CONS we found with the Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat:

  1. Installation was a pain due to the poor instructions
  2. There’s no air-drying feature
  3. May not be ideal for folks with mobility issues

Overall, it took me about 35 minutes to install the bidet, which wasn’t bad in itself. But, I had to rely on my past experience installing bidet seats along with a little trial and error. Specifically, I wasn’t sure how to install the top-mount rubber mount. I didn’t realize that I needed to force the fat ball part through the mounting holes. And, the instructions didn’t clue me in. Fortunately, I got the hint eventually.

The Slim One in a fancy house on a fancy toilet. (Photo Credit: Bio Bidet)

To complete the installation, I had to buy an extension cord that would reach the closest outlet. Oddly enough, the instructions say to check with a certified electrician before using an extension cord, but who’s actually going to do that? From previous experience, I knew I couldn’t use just any extension cord. It needed to be rated for at least 15 amps. So, I used the Powtech Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord, but you may want something different that looks better with your bathroom’s décor. Sadly, the extension cord does look a bit tacky, even though I secured it nicely.

Other than the cord, the seat looks great on the toilet, fits the bowl well, and stays secure.

Other Concerns

I really like it when a bidet dries me off. And, I’m sad that the Slim One lacks this feature. Sure, you should probably use a little toilet paper to spot check the bidet’s work anyway, but spot checking takes less toilet paper than drying. And, if you have trouble reaching down there, an air dryer is a godsend.

Lastly, the bidet controls are located to the right of the seat. If you have trouble turning your body, this could be a problem. Of course, you could use the suction-cupped infographic to guide you as you Braille the controls with your right hand.

Should You Buy the Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat?

Overall, I was impressed with the Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat. I really wish it had a drying function, but I guess I can be bothered to reach down there and finish the job. And, at less than $200, you will be hard-pressed to find a bidet toilet seat that offers such excellent customization options, including hot water cleaning that doesn’t require hooking a hose up to your sink. If you’re interested in giving #BidetLife a try, I recommend starting with the Slim One.

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