Brains Report recently had the opportunity to interview YouTube legend Harley Morenstein. Harley is best known for co-creating, producing, and hosting the YouTube show Epic Meal Time, which has more than 7 million subscribers. Recently, Harley launched his own food brand called Super Snack Time, which features unique jerkies, mac and cheeses, and more.

After a brief introduction, we get into the interview at about 1:05, and my reviews of the Pizza in a Bag and Mac & Cheese in a Box follow at around 57:56.

Brains Report Podcast – Episode 3 – Super Snack Time – Interview with Harley Morenstein

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This is only the third episode of the Brains Report Podcast. We appreciate you sticking with us as we figure out how this whole podcasting thing works. We are taking steps to make future recordings sound better. I want to give a huge thank you to Ryan Wert for helping guide us through this process and salvaging our poor recordings.

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