When you first start out on your own at 29 years old, you might think it’s okay to just slap your mattress directly onto the floor. Of course, once you spill Jolt all over the floor and your mattress sops it up, the mildew and mold will clue you in to the importance of a bed frame. There are many bed frames that you can have delivered to your front door for under $150. One such option is the Zinus Modern Studio 14” Platform 1500H Metal Bed Frame. Here is our review of it.

We Got Our Bed Frame for Free

Like most mattresses, ours arrived without a bed frame. The problem was we had a fridge full of Jolt and wanted to drink it by the bed. But, we’re responsible 37-year-olds so I contacted Zinus about reviewing their bed frame. I told them I couldn’t guarantee coverage, and the coverage I provided could be negative. They believed in their product so much that they still sent me the bed frame. What I’m trying to say here is that I got this bed frame for free so if you are biased against reviews of free products because you think they’re biased, you may want to look away.

What Makes the Zinus Modern Studio Bed Frame So Special?

Zinus makes most of the best-selling bed frames on Amazon. Customers like these bed frames because they are inexpensive, available through Prime, and you don’t have to be a Brainiac to figure out how to put them together. They also have a brilliant marketing plan in which they include a few thank-you cards in the box. You can use these to thank your grandparents for the $5 bill they sent you for your birthday. On the back of the cards are their logo and web address. We’ve purchased two Zinus frames and a mattress with our own money, and so far, we have not sent any of the thank-you cards.

Not all Zinus bed frames have headboards, but the 1500H does. It is designed to make it easy to tie friend’s wrists to it or perhaps handcuff a criminal to the bed if you catch them ransacking your sock drawer. The bed frame comes with a five-year worry-free limited warranty. There are four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. We went with the queen to match the size of our bed.


Check out our video review of the Zinus Modern Studio Bed Frame:

And, while you’re watching videos, you may want to see what the bed frame looks like as it comes out of the box:

What We Liked about the Bed Frame

There are four main PROS we found with the Zinus Modern Studio Bed Frame:

  1. Easy to put together
  2. Sturdy construction
  3. Plenty of storage space
  4. The frame has features that keep the mattress from sliding

When it comes to assembling just about anything, I’m horrible. I think it’s because my mind doesn’t work the same as everyone else’s, and the directions are designed to help the most people possible. I’m sharing this with you because it took me 40 minutes to put the frame together. Aside from a four-year-old coming in and wreaking havoc, I performed the assembly by myself. I particularly liked that the frame came with a little ratchet that helped speed things along. Be sure to follow the instructions to the T or the crossbar will end up being like that vulgar 5’7” rapper from LA: too short.

So far, the frame has held up well. At one point, my wife and I (I am very fat) were lying on the bed and Jerome, our 6’4” 160-pound teenager, jumped on. The frame didn’t issue forth even the faintest whisper of the mildest protest. I should also add that it doesn’t make noise when my wife gets a little too friendly with me.

Though the frame has 14” right in its name, there is only actually 12” of clearance between the floor the sides of the frame. However, this is still plenty of space to store Christmas decorations, extra bedding, or the bodies.

Lastly, I also liked that the mattress is unlikely to slide off the bed when I get a running start and jump on it. This is because the slats are Velcroed down and feature a couple foam-padded tape strips that keep the mattress stuck to the frame. This is great for preventing sliding but terrible for hiding porno mags.

Photo Credit: Zinus

What We Didn’t Like about the Bed Frame

There are two main CONS we found with the Zinus Modern Studio Bed Frame:

  1. There are many complaints about the long-term durability
  2. Slats are far apart

When I contacted Zinus about reviewing one of their bed frames, I wanted the 2000H, which has much better reviews on Amazon. However, the representative told me the 2000H wasn’t available and offered me the 1500H instead. Since this was a gift horse, I did not examine its teeth.

There are several one-star reviews of the 1500H on Amazon. The biggest complaint revolves around long-term durability. The buyers really get graphic in their condemnation of the frame going into detail about how they were doing the nasty and the frame broke. This was not my experience, but I have only had the bed for about a month. I will update this review if the frame starts having issues.

My other complaint has to do with the gaps between the slats. I just measured them, and they are about 3.5” apart. With some memory foam brands, you void your warranty if the slats are more than 3” apart. This is because you are leaving your mattress susceptible to sagging over time. Again, I have not noticed any problems with our medium-firm hybrid mattress.

Should You Buy the Zinus Modern Studio Bed Frame?

If you have a memory foam mattress, the Zinus Modern Studio 1500H Bed Frame will likely serve you well. If you have a latex mattress or one of the heavier options out there, you might want to look for a more expensive option with more slats spaced closer together. For its price, I have been happy with how the Zinus Bed Frame has performed.

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