As a distinguished member of the Amazon Associates Program, I have access to dozens of somewhat secret promo codes. Though I am perfectly within my rights to selfishly keep these Amazon promo codes to myself, I choose to share them with the people. I’m like the Edward Snowden of Amazon promo codes. Please don’t celebrate/arrest me. Anyway, below you will find out how to get the deep discounts and what the best deals are.

But, How Do Promo Codes Work?

There is an easy way to use Amazon promo codes and a hard way. If you prefer to do things the hard way, search for the item mentioned below on Amazon, add it to your cart, then at check out, copy and paste the promo code into the appropriate spot. For those of you who ain’t got time for that, simply click the supplied link below, put the item in your cart, and the discount will be applied automatically.

As a best practice, Amazon told me that I should let you know that these codes are only valid while supplies last and for a limited time.

Current Promo Codes

The number of available deals is in the tens of quarters of dozens. However, a lot of the products are pure crap. I don’t promote crap. So, I’ve narrowed down the list to items that have a user rating of at least four stars on Amazon. However, I strongly recommend that you do some of your own research before deciding to take advantage of these deals. And, if you need help deciding on a product, please feel free to reach out.

With only slightly more ado, here are the promo codes. In parentheses, you will find (promo code, expiration date):

Amazon also wanted me to tell you that you can save on nature-friendly products all of April.

So, there you have it. Please share this article if you can think of anyone who could benefit from one of these items! And, subscribe to our blog to get the latest deals.