A Brainiac recently contacted us in need of help finding a smart electronic deadbolt for under $200 that would work with iOS and could handle multiple access codes. That seemed all well and good, but then he added, “I have an electric pancreas and need a deadbolt that won’t interfere with the signals my pancreas sends to X-13. I DO NOT need to deal with those Zorgs again.”

So much of that went over my head. X-13? Zorgs? I just knew that this individual was not only putting his security in my hands, but he was also entrusting us with his life. Brains Report would not let him down! Below, we will look at the best smart deadbolt under $200.

Do You Need a Smart Lock?

We love it when Brainiacs ask us to research products we know very little about. It offers us the opportunity to learn. For our education, we turned to a couple of our favorite sites, Wirecutter and CNET. We also found Tom’s Guide to be helpful.

We learned that smart deadbolts are ideal for

  • Absentminded or OCD people who need to double check that they locked the door.
  • You can let the plumber, cable guy, or a trusted contractor in remotely.
  • Keep tabs on who keeps opening and closing the doors.
  • Give immediate access to housecleaners, nannies, babysitters, and encyclopedia salesmen.
  • Latchkey kids no longer need to wear a key around their neck at all times to remind them of how lonely they are. They can just enter an access code!
  • Use your smartphone to hand out virtual keys to your Airbnb guests.
  • You don’t have to hide keys under your doormat or lawn gnome to let others in or to avoid being locked out.

If any of these benefits sound pretty cool and you have between $100 and $300 to spend, you might want to consider a smart deadbolt.

The Best Smart Deadbolt under $200: Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Lock Company

After evaluating dozens of alternatives, we found the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt best met our Brainiac’s requirements. It works well with iOS. In fact, Tom’s Guide rated it the best Siri-friendly smart lock. However, iOS is about all it works with. If you have other smart home hubs, including Alexa, then you might want to try the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt instead. We are just recommending the Schlage Sense (which works just okay with Alexa) because it plays well with iOS and the Apple HomeKit.

There is a broad array of features that make the Schlage Sense great. In addition to all of the benefits common to most smart deadbolts, it has built-in alarms that sense potential attacks on your door. There are three ways to enter your abode: use a key, enter an access code on the touchscreen (you can have 30 codes that are up to eight digits long), or unlock the door with the Schlage app. Using different codes for different people will let you know who is coming and going.

Lastly, my research could not find any evidence of smart locks causing interference with medical devices. But, you can never be too safe when it comes to Zorgs.

What Are People Saying about the Schlage Sense?

Tom’s Guide rated the Schlage Sense as “very good” because of its high security rating and 30 access code options. Of the smart deadbolts that CNET tested, the Schlage Sense had the highest performance rating. However, they would have liked better usability and more features. Lastly, Wirecutter recommends its brother the Schlage Connect and has included the Sense in previous lists, but in their latest update, they did not recommend the Sense because of its connectivity issues with non-iOS smart home hubs.

The Schlage Sense currently has a 4-star rating based on 555 Amazon customer reviews. Users report that they were able to install the lock in about ten minutes. However, you cannot manually lock or unlock the door until the initial setup is complete. Buyers are generally happy with their purchase. Though, some verified purchasers commented that it takes a lot (such as a powerful kick to the door) to get the forced entry alarm to sound.


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