Hey Kids, helmets are cool. I see a lot of you out there riding your bicycles with your helmet hanging from your handlebars. That makes you look like a Grade-A moron. Trust me. I know. A couple months ago, I was skating in a parade with a bunch of my roller derby friends. I didn’t bring my helmet because I figured no one would be trying to hit me. The odds were slim that I’d hit my head. Then, disaster struck…

I didn’t hit my head at all if that’s what you were thinking. No, I just looked like a doofus because I was the only one without a helmet. Plus, I was setting a bad example for others. I was a real boob! Everyone was judging me. If you want to avoid looking like a dope, we strongly recommend considering the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet.

Three Reasons Why We Like the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

  1. Price – We spent around $35 on this helmet.
  2. Purple – Erin really likes the color purple so this was perfect for her.
  3. Breathability – There is plenty of venting in the helmet so Erin doesn’t have sweat pouring down her face while derbying it up.

How Does It Look?

As you may have gathered, we got this helmet for Erin. She’s a retired roller derby player, who went by “Bullet Brains.” Bullet is coming out of retirement for a bout next week. She needed a helmet that would have her looking her best. So, we popped on Amazon to see what they have. We usually go to Hit This! Derby Gear to support a local business, but we were on a tight timeline since Bullet wanted to start preparing for her come back right away.

The helmet comes in several different colors. We liked the glossy purple. It basically looks like a bowl sitting on your head. Like, you pissed off someone who was eating breakfast cereal, and they dumped it on you. Then they put a not exceptionally comfortable strap on it and called it good. But, the helmet does come with a sticker that our toddler put on his potty.


The outer shell of the helmet is made of ABS, which stood for anti-lock braking system in my mind until I did a little research and found out they are probably referring to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is a common plastic polymer. The inside liner is another initialism, EPS, which stands for expanded polystyrene foam.

The helmet complies with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standard for bicycle use for ages five and over and ASTM Standard F1492-08 for skateboarding and trick roller skating. Unfortunately, if you want to read the specifics of F1492-08, you have to pay ASTM about $50. I’m assuming since the helmet is “dual certified” that you can wear it and have better luck against Aaron Burr than Hamilton did.

Tactics reviewed a similar helmet that they claim was designed for multiple impacts. However, Triple Eight does not explicitly state this. They do recommend it for roller derby, though. So, the Dual Certified Helmet may be better for more experienced derby players who want a cheap helmet and are not fearful of concussions.


Here is our video review of the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet with Bullet’s opinion:

The Verdict

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet is not the best helmet on the market. And, it’s not for everyone. If you are concerned about the integrity of your helmet being compromised due to a never-ending barrage of hits to your Gulliver, then this is not the helmet for you. We would recommend the S-ONE Lifer CPSC – Multiple Impact or, if you don’t mind looking goofy, a hockey helmet, which I wear.

On the other hand, if you want something inexpensive that looks cool and breathes well, then give the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet a try.

Click here to buy the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet on Amazon.

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