I’m the kind of guy who enjoys the finer things in life: I drink mail-order wine, I make sushi, and I only listen to music that nobody has ever heard of. The problem is I don’t like paying for anything. Most of our furniture ended up in our possession without any money changing hands. And, at an old job, I was part of the wellness committee just because it meant a free monthly lunch. So, it only makes sense that I have Amazon Giveaway delivered right to my inbox at 7:25 every morning.

Amazon What-Aways?

You may know Amazon as this giant corporation that is constantly trying to sell you stuff, but did you know they also give stuff away? Please don’t take my word for it. You can just follow this link. And, if you’re like me, you will immediately forget about this feature so go ahead and subscribe to have the newest giveaways delivered to your inbox.

What’s the Catch?

Each giveaway has its own requirements. For some, you just click a little button that says “Enter.” For others, you have to watch a stupid video. I like to leave the room and make a sandwich when the video is playing. After it’s done, I hit “Enter.” Other times, you need to either follow someone on Twitter or Tweet about the product you’re trying to win. I tried to promote Brains Report with Twitter but quickly realized that I was out of my element. So now, I just use it to give myself hope for the future by entering to win juicers.

What a Twitter account used to win juicers might look like.

For the most part, sellers are using Giveaway to promote their products. However, it’s clear that just about anyone can create a giveaway. One lonely woman offered up an Amazon Fire Extreme Five-Alarm X (or something like that) if I followed her on Twitter. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I would never read her eBook.

I entered my first giveaway a month ago, have entered a contest every day since then, and have won bupkis. But, I’m hopeful.

Have you won anything cool by simply entering your name into a drawing? Brag about how cool, lucky, and handsome you are below!