Yesterday, we received a “Help Me Choose” request from a fella looking to trick out his kids’ ride with battery-powered Christmas lights. He wanted to facilitate their joy by adding inexpensive lights (between $10 and $20) to their Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV. We immediately went to work helping this fine gentleman. And, after working through the night and engaging in heated debates, we determined the YiHong Multicolor Fairy String Lights were perfect for the job.

What Sets the YiHong Christmas Lights Apart

For much less than 20 bucks, this YiHong model comes with TWO sets of fairy lights. Fairy lights are slightly different from the classic Christmas lights. Instead of having bulbs hanging off electrical wiring, fairy lights feature tiny LED lights that rest on an ultra-thin metallic wire that you can bend to your will. The LEDs make the fairy lights energy efficient (you don’t have to change batteries very often and will probably never have to replace the diodes), and the wiring makes it easy for you to put the lights wherever you want them.

Each strand of the YiHong battery-powered Christmas lights is 16.4 feet long, features 50 glowing micro LEDs, and each has a remote. Unfortunately, the remotes are kind of hit or miss. Buyers report that sometimes a remote controls multiple strings, and sometimes it doesn’t control any. Fortunately, you can also control the lights on the battery case.


We’re recommending this set of lights because there are eight flashing and lighting modes: steady on, twinkle flash, slow fade, chasing flash, slow glow, sequential, in a wave, and combination. The LEDs and wiring are incredibly durable and waterproof. However, the battery case is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. So, you can use it when participating in the hit ‘80s game show Double Dare.

Lastly, each strand takes 3 AA batteries, but it’s like another ‘80s franchise: Batteries Not Included. Fortunately, most battery brands will last for 120 hours of nonstop use. Sir, please do not make your kids ride in the power-wheel for 120 consecutive hours.

“Take My Money Now!”

Unfortunately, I am not personally selling these Christmas lights. Please do not give me your money. I do receive an affiliate commission when you click through Brains Report to buy something, but I get the same percentage no matter the product. So, I’m not biased in that sense. I am biased in the sense that I researched the reviews and ratings of both experts and customers and compared dozens of alternatives, and the YiHong Christmas lights are your best bet.

Click this link to buy the YiHong Multicolor Fairy String Lights on Amazon.

Do you have battery-powered Christmas lights that you swear by (and not at)? If so, share below. And, if you need help with a buying decision, please visit our “Help Me Choose” section today.