Ever since Jesus first stepped in a pile a dinosaur dung and the disciples laughed hysterically at Him, humor has been an important part of the human experience. It is so important that it is the topic of thousands of scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles as well as dozens of Netflix specials. Humor is also one of the core values at Brains Report. Let’s take a sobering look at why it is important to laugh or chuckle.

Let’s Look at the Science

There are several groups that study the topic, including the Humor Research Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder. There is even an International Journal of Humor Research. Both provide very esoteric writings that are likely to turn anyone off of the subject.

Fortunately, it is our job to take the crap that no one wants to read and turn it into digestible material that you can enjoy while neglecting important responsibilities. Here is a list of a few well-documented benefits with links that no one will click to research articles that you probably shouldn’t read until bedtime:

Other benefits that are not as well researched, include:

  • Creation of feelings of empowerment, control, and well-being
  • Increased endorphin production to get you high
  • Reduction of heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Looking sexier to potential romantic partners
  • Creating and maintaining energy, a positive attitude, self-esteem, and hope
  • Increased oxygen to the lungs
  • Insatiable urge to create a product review website

Why Brains Report Deals in Humor

You may have noticed that Brains Report is humorous or funny. This was no accident. The main reason we created this site was that the stale product reviews you find on other websites are boring for the writer and the reader. If we’re going to make a product review site, we’re going to be honest, and we’re going to have fun doing it.

Humor also allows us to be more honest. If we’re going to write about mattress toppers, we need to be able to talk about sex. And, in order to talk about sex in polite company, you need humor. The other product review sites just avoid the topic altogether.

Lastly, humor adds more value to the reviews. Users don’t just learn what products are the best, they get all of the health benefits of humor as well. And, when you buy one of the products, you already have a ready-made list of cheesy dad jokes that you can use on your kids.

So, go forth and read Brains Report. Find the perfect product for your needs and boost your immune system while you’re at it. And, if you want to help the pocketbooks and health of your friends, share the site with them as well.