Brains Report doesn’t usually review single products like this. We generally like to write comprehensive reviews comparing the top models in a category. However, our professional barber friend Kylie Belachaikovsky wouldn’t shut up about the Andis Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer. You may remember Kylie from our exposé on ring lights. Well, below, we’ll look at why this subject matter expert is all worked up about this trimmer and what others are saying.

An Expert’s Take on the Andis Trimmer

Kylie spends a lot of time messing with people’s heads. So, she knows a thing or two about what makes for good trimmers/clippers and what makes them pee-ew. As she agonized over her purchase, she had the opportunity to take several trimmers for a test drive.

The long battery life set the Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer apart. The pros need their trimmers to hold a charge since they turn them on and off all day. With just a two-and-a-quarter-hour charge time, this trimmer will keep running for up to two hours.

This Andis trimmer is also quite quiet, which is a must when working on the hair around kid’s ears. Kids tend to flip out and make things difficult and unsafe when tloud noises are by their ears. The blade can also be zero gapped to cut as close as possible to the skin. Plus, the cordless, lightweight design makes it ideal for shaving fanciful designs into someone’s hair, such as our president’s face or Garfield.

Andis is known for long-lasting equipment, and they’re an industry giant.

What Are Others Saying?

I’ve known Kylie for quite a while, and she has been wrong at least once. If I was going to put the good name of Brains Report on the line for a trimmer, I needed other opinions. I performed a thorough search of user reviews of the Slimline T-Blade Trimmer. Most of the verified purchasers strongly recommend it. Kylie’s stories seem to check out since many buyers report that the charge does last a long time and that the blades are great.

However, I did find one complaint that when the trimmer is used for facial hair it tends to pull the hair which can hurt wimpier individuals. I’m not going to blame Kylie for not bringing this up because she has very little facial hair and usually performs straight razor shaves.

Kylie sums up the Andis trimmer this way: “After trying several cordless edgers, I just feel like this is the one that is the quietest, the most ergonomic, and will hold its charge the best.”

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