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Most home appliances are designed with just one purpose in mind: to clean your household. Washing machines are designed to clean and wash your clothes, dishwashers are designed to wash your dishes, refrigerators are designed so you can store your foodstuffs and keep them kind of clean in the sense they aren’t drenched in bacteria and mold, and the list goes on.

Most appliances seem to only have one purpose, but there is one appliance that is more versatile than the rest: your vacuum cleaner. Sure, vacuum cleaners can clean your floor, sofa, windows, walls, and more. The vacuum cleaner can do almost anything, especially if you tend to lose small things around the house. If you drop an earring on the floor or need to inflate your air mattress, then the vacuum cleaner will come to your rescue. All you need to do is dig out the hose attachments from your cupboard and put your vacuum cleaner to work.

Top Uses and Functions for Vacuum Cleaners

1. Find Tiny Items

As mentioned above, dropping tiny items is the worst. Even if you give up the search, there is still hope for you because the vacuum cleaner can help you look for and retrieve these lost objects. All you need to do is attach a thin sock or pantyhose over the end of the vacuum cleaner, secure it with an elastic band, and then use your vacuum cleaner like normal. Run it behind your couch, under your cushions, around your furniture, under the bed, and so on. You will find all sorts of derelict items, like that earring that went AWOL or a board game piece.

2. Dust Ceiling Fans, Toys, Window Panes, and More

There is a reason why a vacuum cleaner has the little brush included in the package. The brush needs to be attached to the end of the hose of the vacuum cleaner to create a useful dusting tool. You can run it across kids’ toys, books on your shelves, lampshades, blinds, picture frames, wooden tables, window panes, wall and ceiling corners, and even your ceiling fan.

The brush attached to the vacuum cleaner will loosen the dust to make it easier for the vacuum to suck everything up. There are extender attachments included with the vacuum cleaner package, and you can use it to clean hard-to-reach areas. With the help of these accessories, you can clean your whole house without making a major mess on the floor.

3. Groom Your Pets

Instead of using your usual grooming tool, you can give your lovely pet a gentle rub and a relaxing grooming experience by using the vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting. This will not just clean them up, but it can also give them a gentle massage that helps relieve stress and loosens their strained muscles. Another advantage to using a vacuum cleaner instead of a grooming tool is that it can suck up all your pet’s fur without having it fall all over your floor or your furniture so there is no mess you need to clean up.

4. Fix Carpet Indentations

When you rearrange your furniture, carpet indentations are inevitable. Heavy furniture presses down on carpeting causing it to indent. This is not a pretty sight. That’s why whenever there is an indentation, you can place some ice cubes on the carpet, let them melt, and then use your vacuum cleaner on the wet area. This helps your carpet get back to its original shape. The wetness of the carpet will give it a chance to loosen the indentation.

5. Inflate an Air Mattress

If you have an air mattress that needs to be inflated and you don’t have a pump, let your vacuum cleaner help. All you need to do is to remove the bag, connect the long hose or the cleaning nozzle attachment to where the bag of the vacuum is attached, and stick the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner into the hole of your air mattress. The air that blows out of the vacuum cleaner will inflate your air mattress within minutes.

6. Soothe a Crying Baby

This is one of the challenges that parents face. They need to clean the house and look after their baby at the same time. Good thing vacuum cleaners can help soothe your crying baby while you clean. All you need to do is to put your baby in a strap-on carrier (like a Moby Wrap), use your vacuum cleaner, and gently bop around your household while you clean. The vacuum cleaner produces a white noise that will soothe your baby.

Bonus Tip

Another trick you can try is to use your vacuum soothing time as an opportunity to deodorize your home. Soak a cotton cloth with an essential oil that smells particularly good to you. Lavender is a great oil for soothing you and your baby. You can put it in your vacuum bag and clean your house with it. The scent of the oil will travel throughout your home. You can also use this to clean the smelly parts of your house and air vents.

Are there some unconventional ways you use your vacuum cleaner? Share them below!